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Music City Guru Welcomes

Webelenses is a professional camera equipment rental company located in Lebanon, Tennessee since 2006 providing photographers with quality photographic equipment and accessories with exceptional value and convenience.

Photographers rely on webelenses for a wide variety of camera accessories, including lenses which otherwise would not be available due to the high cost of purchasing them, some lenses have a price tag of over $1,000 – out of range for the noviced, or young photographer in need of a quality lens.

With a few mouse-clicks, customers can order the products they need, and have it delivered directly to their door for a rental period of their choosing. Local customers can simply drop in, and pick up the order as well.

The rental products arrive via Priority Mail (2-3 days) in a self-returning package, so when the customer is finished with the product, its as easy as applying the included self-adhesive label and dropping it in the mail. Convenience never got easier!

The website provided Music City Guru with an opportunity to create a solution where the e-commerce application needed to be modified to meet the needs of webelense’s business model, with added security in mind for their customers.

Using for payment processing, the secure transaction ensures customers are protected and have peace of mind knowing they’re shopping experience is in the hands of the best in the online retail business.

The website application received several design upgrades, and performance-enhancing code to streamline the processing and raise the level of customer experience to a higher standard and level of performance.

Music City Guru is proud to partner with this truly exceptional company, and we’re excited to announce the re-launch of their 2.0 website!

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