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MCG Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

Article # 394 

Nashville, Tennessee – Music City Guru, the world’s leading premier web development and hosting services company today announced it’s second year anniversary of operation in the middle Tennessee region, servicing over 25 customers across the United States.

CEO Scott Fleming announced the grand celebration during a private conference to commemorate the company’s birth in 2009, from it’s humble start in the small office located in Madison, TN.

“I’m very excited about the explosive expansion and growth this small company has experienced in the last year alone, growing our customer base by nearly triple it’s size.”, ¬†the CEO Scott stated during a conversation with fellow¬†entrepreneurials.

“We look forward to strong continued growth as our customer base continues to increase. Excellent customer service and modest pricing of our products and services keep our clients coming back for more, and provide unique niche opportunities for new businesses through good old fashioned ‘word of mouth’ viral networking.”

Music City Guru provides website design, business branding, website hosting and custom programming services as well as a wide variety of business-friendly services to small and medium businesses throughout the United States.

Extraordinary service and “Killer Talent” trademark the company’s motto to exceed customers’ expectations through expert vision and placing the customer’s needs as a focus in their strategies. Looks like a great recipe that’s paying off for this young and hungry company.

The celebration will take place at an undisclosed location with private invitations being sent to key individuals who are a part of the company’s success and growth. ¬†“It’s going to be quite an elaborate event, and we hope everyone attending will have a memorable time”, commented CEO Scott Fleming. “It’s only the beginning, and we want to mark this milestone so we can look back and say ‘Remember when we first started?’.

Happy Anniversary Music City Guru!