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5 Social Networking Tips For Success

Article # 409 

Today, business success is being directly related to the online communication and formation of social networks to assist in many aspects of branding and attracting new customers as well as generating revenue from return customers.

The Importance of Establishing Your Business Online

Begin Branding your company name or products. Branding is one way to  various audiences that may interested in all the things you have to sell. Most importantly, remember that you are trying to reach people, not customers. Having established your company name or product brand on social networks (like Facebook) will already alert your fans of who you are, or who your company is, and since the many different social sites provide places comparable to info tabs, bios, buisness hours and more, it’s a snap to maintain information quickly and efficiently.

Simply fill out all the information forms that each network provides, and those keywords can help visitors find your page online. It’s also strongly suggested to remain active on each network your company maintains a presence, and stay up to date with your audiences.

Maintain Your Social Networks

It’s a common misnomer that “Build it, and they will come” is all that is needed to bring business from internet visitors. Not only is this incorrect, but it can also do more harm to your opportunities or potential customers. While it is advantagous to have links with your company’s name or product on social networking websites, it can be a real let-down for visitors to come to your ‘community’ and find nothing recent or outdated activity. Visitors require interaction, relevant data,  current information and a sign that there’s something ‘happenening’ at your page. A ‘dead’ scene will cause visitors to quickly exit from where they came from with little chance of returning. Ever.

Remember, social networking from a business standpoint isn’t just peppering your audience with advertisements about the latest ‘sale’ or ‘deal’ that your company is having.

It’s best to relate and communicate, providing an added value to your messages or posts. Create dialog by asking questions, and doing so at the end of everything you share is the one of the best ways to engage and interact with your audience, giving them an opportunity to provide feedback or gather more information.

Opinions Do Matter!

People you are interacting with through your social networks are the potential future customers, or quite possibly already are your current customers. I can’t emphasize enough the real business need to LISTEN to these people, as they may very well advocate for your company, or will be spreading negativity about your company. Either way, we all know bad news travels faster than good news – so it’s vital that you listen to what they have to say and take the time to respond promptly.

Despite what the content of your visitor’s post, you should refrain from deleting anything shared – unless of course it is something that has absolutely nothing to do with your business. Forget what is right/wrong about the feedback, respond quickly, and be prepared with a solution to make it a positive experience, and let your visitor be heard – which will provide them with validation that you are in fact, paying attention to their needs.  Let go of the ‘sell’ and drop any ‘ego’ to start talking with people, sharing with them and listening to what they are saying. It can get fun and creative and sometimes it’s not ‘all business’ – a balance between social and professional interactions and success will prevail!

Be Sincere.

Share your personalities, be real – nothing is farther from the truth and value than the statement ‘fake it until you make it’ . Doing so with your social network will be your undoing – fast. It’s easy to detect a liar, or if things just don’t ‘seem right’. Keep your site authentic while utilizing social networks to gain insight into what your ‘fans’ really want, by just asking them. Take risks or follow through with some suggestions from your fans.

Fearlessly engage these ideas with preparations for their failure, as the old cliche “it’s better to have tried, than not at all.” Your efforts will be recognized, and appreciated by your fans – and your customers.

Spend the time on your existing fan base, rather than time trying to lure new fans. If you do a ‘special offer’ – send it to your existing fan base first and let them feel special because you are treating them with favors not offered to others.

Moreover, be genuine and honest with your fan base, and you will earn their respect and build credibility among your long lasting community.

Never Say Quit.

Here’s the hard part. Dedication to your social networks doesn’t mean a lot of time and energy, but like all things requires time and energy to commit and spend at least 1-3 hours per week on your social community. Devotion is extremely important here, and taking the time can only work in your favor as long as you can work it into your day without half-measure. It’s easy to get distracted, and side-tracked into other things, but this one thing must be adhered to, to continue your relationship with your audience. If you lose track, or get busy and distracted by other things, let your audience know and provide a realistic time that you’ll re-connect and resume your interactions.

Actions Speak Louder!

Social media can be an excellent opportunity to build relationships with your audience. Establishing your presence (or your brand/company) on a variety of social networks available can be of significant importance. Your competition will be more than willing to capture the audience you leave behind by not taking action and being social! Do it, consistently and be dynamic – and have fun building relationships that can help grow your business and expose your business name to the world!