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Customer Testimonials

Since 1995, Music City Guru has helped companies seize opportunities and provide working solutions through the innovative and practical use of technology.

Music City Guru designs, builds and maintains eCommerce websites for retailers that are pure-play online or multi-channel, creating captivating experiences so consumers will buy more, come back often and value greater engagement with the retailer.

Each year, Music City Guru's systems facilitate high profits in online sales. The Music City Guru are seasoned professionals, passionately committed to providing technical leadership and powering ingenuity.

Music City Guru cultivates long-term relationships with its clients by creating interactive partnerships and functioning as an extension of their teams - invested in the success of their businesses as if they were our own. Our services are provided for the full life of a client's technology solution, including:

  • eCommerce sales
  • Web Development
  • Website hosting
  • SEO and viral networking

Music City Guru builds community - with and for our clients, our technology partners and our environment. To achieve this success, we demonstrate, talk about, share, and hold to our Working Values in everything we do. And for the last 16 years, Music City Guru's Working Values have distinguished us from our competition and led to amazing relationships with clients, employees and business partners. Killer talent, extraordingary service.

Why Choose Us

A special quality that is not found with many big hosting or website design companies is the personal, prompt service and attention which gives you the feeling of being welcomed and appreciated as a Music City Guru customer. It's how we roll, and it's why we're becoming middle Tennessee's most impressive website designing and hosting service provider today.

Those big hosting or website design companies can dazzle you with their impressive buildings, and size, but they won't make you feel like you have a partnership as we do. The one-on-one approach to building your website design or crafting your logo design has proven to be the most successful in satisfying our customers' website hosting needs or website design needs. But it doesn't end there - as we provide valuable information and tools to assist you in growing your ownline business, and marketing your brand to the world.

So, what is it all about?

why choose us

It's all about the creative talent that posses the keen skills and knowlege of the design process, cutting-edge standards, and practices with the ability to turn your ideas into online reality. We take your business passion to a new level, and maintain that passion every day, exceeding our customer's expectations, every day.

Our Clients are More Like Partners

Music City Guru clients range from small businesses, music stars, local social groups, to individuals. Music City Guru thrives at providing all our clients with prompt, courteous and efficient services, and we love what we do! Whether it's a single page website, or an all-out e-commerce solution with custom design logo, and graphics, the passion is the same. It's why we're here - and why we stay! Service, reliability, integrity and killer talent!

What We've Got

Music City Guru offers the most fully-featured and affordable web hosting plans, and services. All of our hosting plans come loaded with the internet's most popular software plug-ins which can be easily installed from your site's control panel, and without the need of a technical support team to perform these tasks. Of course, Music City Guru is happy to assist you should you need additional assistance.